"Sopiiko tulla kylään?" campaign familiarised THL staff with the daily lives of customers

Aki Tetri ja Ulriikka Tikkanen katsovat neuvotteluhuoneessa kannettavan tietokoneen avoinna olevaa näyttöä.
In autumn 2018, the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) organised a campaign during which its customers were given the opportunity to invite experts to observe their daily lives. The campaign aimed to help THL experts gain a better understanding of THL customers and their needs.

– The idea for this campaign arose out of our desire to bring customer orientation into focus, says Project Manager Ulriikka Tikkanen from THL.

The idea first began to spread among THL staff, but soon became a public advertising campaign in which people were asked to invite THL experts for a visit during October and November. The objective was to send experts to listen to customers and to observe them at work so as to gain a better understanding of their daily life and needs.

– We wanted to get to know our customers and their everyday lives; whether there was a pile of papers on their desk, and what an average workday was like for them. It’s not always easy to put mundane everyday matters into words, Tikkanen explains.

Participation in the campaign was voluntary for everyone, and no one was obliged to report on the meetings or their content to their supervisors. We hoped that the campaign would bring to light needs on the basis of which THL’s own activities and services could be developed.

– There were a total of 200 visits, which means that we also received a lot of development ideas, says Aki Tetri.

Follow-up planned for the successful campaign

According to Tetri, the best thing about the campaign from THL's perspective was that experts were given permission to spend the necessary time and properly focus on customer relations. The experts who participated in the campaign also appreciated this.

– It was fantastic to see that staff who returned from these meetings were full of enthusiasm and brimming with the knowledge that their work really did make a difference, Tetri adds.

The positive experiences gained from this first campaign have inspired us to organise a new campaign this coming autumn.

– This year, we thought we’d develop different tools to assist our experts with meetings; for example, methods for contacting customers, and ways to increase our internal information exchange about the meetings and the needs that they brought to light. Perhaps we’ll also set up a small competition for the most visits, Tetri adds.


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