Terms and Conditions for Interoperability Platform

A content creator organization must fill in an application form for authorisation to access the Interoperability platform, when it wants to publish and maintain content on the platform. The content creator organization must accept the Terms and Conditions for the Platform.

When Digital and Population Data Services Agency approves the user access application of the content creator organization, it gives access rights to organization's main user. The main user grants access rights to other users in their organization.

The application form should include information on:

  • Organization's details
  • Purpose and the tools to be used 
  • Licensing of data content
  • Organization's administrator
  • Organization's administrative contact person
  • Commitments made by the organization

A template for the application form is available at Digital and Population Data Services Agency's Confluence site. There are also available the Terms and Conditions for Interoperability Platform.  

Application form will be submitted via email to yhteentoimivuus (at) dvv.fi.

Updated: 31.3.2020